COVID Health and Safety

fibercove will continue to follow the advice given by CDC and Travis County officials by implementing safety measures in accordance with their current guidance. For the safety and comfort of our community we have reconfigured our furniture to support social distancing, utilize six independent HVAC systems and a commercial grade sterilizing dishwasher, regularly monitor the capacity of our space, and set out various sanitizing stations throughout the space for convenience.

fibercove has set the following policies and is moving toward becoming a more self-service coworking space:

Paid public meetings will be assessed on an individual basis depending on the meeting attendees, timing, and staff. Any meetings that do occur, the meeting room will be stocked with sanitizing products and other protective gear. All rooms will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after each meeting. Additional signage has been added to all shared spaces and private rooms to advise members or guests who are actively utilizing the space of our office safety policies and workspace cleaning guidelines.

Routine cleanings
Our professional cleaners have enhanced their protocols, added hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers to their routine, and our staff frequently sanitizes high touch surfaces and common areas throughout the day. Sanitizer is provided in all conference rooms and sanitation stations are located throughout the space. Masks and disposable gloves are available at the front desk if needed.

Electrostatic disinfection
Our professional cleaning crew also performs electrostatic disinfection of our space every two weeks. When performing electrostatic disinfection of the space, our cleaning crew utilizes an EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectant and germicide that has been specially formulated to target the dangerous pathogens that standard janitorial services leave behind. The electrostatic sprayer places a positive charge on the germicide, which enables it to adhere more effectively to all surfaces and remain there longer- each treatment lasts approximately two weeks. This process uses oxygen to kill bacteria and viruses’ so germs cannot build a resistance to the product.

Mask policy
Masks must be worn upon entry, while passing through corridors, in any common or shared areas, or in any other instance where social distancing cannot be maintained. Disposable masks are available at the front desk and at sanitation stations.

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